The Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is definitely one of the most popular and spectacular  must sees, of your visit to Fiji Islands. The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is situated ed at the foothills of the Nausori Highlands, just a few minutes north of Nadi, Fiji Islands. The Garden of Sleeping Giant in the Fiji Islands was originally started by the late Raymond Burr in 1997, known for his characters of Perry Mason and Ironside.

Initially, the Garden of the Sleeping Giant was not a well known Fiji attraction but rather, the home to Raymond Burr’s private collection of tropical orchids. But now,¬† his orchid collection has grown to be one of the most popular Fiji Island attractions.

The Garden of Sleeping Giant Fiji has on display over 2000 various types of orchids, on a plantation which encompasses 20 hectares. Complementing the magnificent collection attributed to Raymond Burr, you will also find several rare Fijian orchids as well, making this the largest collection of orchids  in the world.

Of all the Fiji Island attractions, the Fiji gardens draw visitors from all over the world to experience all the beautiful native plants and flowers that call Fiji home. There are several different Fiji gardens scattered throughout the islands, but none are quite as magnificent as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

As you are strolling through the well-designed paths and walkways through the forest, you really must take a peak at the Raymond Burr’s holiday shack, which is open to the public as well. Here you will find some of his personal items such as his walking cane, favorite chair, and numerous photographs. They also serve a wonderful tea there to all visitors.

After you have made your way through this beautiful Fiji garden, you will be met with a delightful cocktail of tropical fruit that is so refreshing, you will want to do the route again, just to enjoy this delicious drink. Saying goodbye to the beautiful and majestic Garden of Sleeping Giant, in the Fiji Islands might leave you a little sad, but the memories will be yours forever.

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